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aka The Ginger

HI! That's me over there!! My name is Kait and I have, in my mind, THE BEST JOB EVER! I get to encourage people to get in touch with their goofy side with all their friends all in front of a camera!


I first met the booth at a Women's Photography Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2014. Call it love at first sight! However my pocketbook didn't love it so much, so I passed on the opportunity at first. Note... At first.... about 5 months later my pocketbook won the ongoing battle in my head and in the middle of a crazy Maine blizzard my booth was delivered! Actually, not delivered as they couldn't get to me because of snow so I had to white-knuckle-drive over to UPS to pick my new baby up!

I love the entire process of a photobooth rental, from the client interaction, template design, background customization, and the event itself! The fact that guests get a lab quality print in a matter of seconds still ballfles me! What's best is that the photobooth captures memories of a special event and alows guests to take those memories with them in a unique and custom way!

In February 2020 (weeks before the world shut down) I purchased a second booth from a fellow photographer friend. I now have a few peeps that will run a booth when double booked or if I just want the day off to golf!

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